We provide CNC turning on 5 numeric lathes constructed by HAAS, AFM Andrychów, JANUS, TRAUB.

In our machine park we have 5-axis lathe ST-20SSY SUPER SPEED with driven tools and Y axis with workpiece's maximum dimensions Ø254x533 mm. 24-station BOT/VDI hybrid turret along with servo-driven C axis tools allows us to highly increase quality of our products   thanks to reduction of clamping to just one. Lathe is supported by CAD/CAM software.

We also own 3 conventional lathes with maximum workpiece capacity of  Ø420x1500mm, passage through spindle  Ø70 mm and Ø900x300 mm clearance over suport Ø420 mm. This machinery is well suited for smaller series of workpieces

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Zakłady Mechaniczne Kamyczek Sp. J.

44-336 Jastrzębie-Zdrój, ul. Budowlana 1

+48 32 47 51 759

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