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Zakłady Mechaniczne Kamyczek Spółka Jawna – Company's activity.

Zakłady Mechaniczne Kamyczek Spółka Jawna is a company which was established thanks to constant development and improvement of production processess in mechanical engineering and currently offers a wide range of machining using CNC machines.

The foundations for the establishment of our company were given thank to previous activity of Mr Czesław Kamyczek who had been running his production facility for the last 25 years known as„Zakład Remontowy ABC Czesław Kamyczek”. He has managed to create a company well-known for its quality operating in the mechanical industry.

Currently, we are focused on CNC machining of steel and plastics. As one of the most important subcontractor for BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION Katowice, we provide them with services based on production of mechanical parts for railways traffic control systems. Moreover, we also cooperate with mining sector and food industry.

The variety of CNC machines owned together withconventional machinery and vast experience of our crew, allows us to fulfill more complicated projects which increases our skills to an even higher level. The highest quality of services and satisfaction of our clients constitute our main priority. Thanksto variety and flexibility of our machinery we are able to produce either greater or smaller series. Quality of our services is confirmed by ISO 9001-TUV NORD Certificate.

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Zakłady Mechaniczne Kamyczek Sp. J.

44-336 Jastrzębie-Zdrój, ul. Budowlana 1

+48 32 47 51 759

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